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Welcome to the Help Section of the Web Based Audemo Experiment.

General Informaton
It must be noted that there is no right or wrong answer. The target of the experiment is to record individual answers corresponding to personal choises.

For the experimental procedure a set of headphones is needed. These should be adjusted according to the instructions provided in the experiment's web page immediately after the log in page.

Experimental Procedure
The procedure consists of hearing sounds and chosing images after each sound reproduction. The whole procedure is in a serial fashion and it is strongly recomended to be completed without any interuption. In the unlikely case that one must suspends the procedure, its continuation is possible from exacly the point at which the interuption occured. To do so, only the log in is needed.

A playlist has been created, automatically, for every participant. Every item of the playlist is reproduced only once during the experiment. Subsequently, the participant must choose two images.

The available images are in two rows. The depict mood/emotional condition and only one choise must be made from each row. Choise must be spontanious and according to the emotional condition after listening the respective sound. In the case that the emotional condition corresponds to two, sequential, images, then an intermediate choise is available (just between two images).

Demo Video
For further information you may watch the demo video.

See also the guidelines in the help file

Welcome to the Web Based Audio Emotion Experiment (AudEmo) platform. Here you may find a series of web based experiments in the field of Audio & Emotions, as part of my research under the supervision of Dr Andreas Floros.

Many thanks to Dr Andreas Giannakoulopoulos for his valuable contribution in the site development and maintenance.

Konstantinos Drossos

The experiment was successfully completed (April 2013)
Thank you for participating!